Services We Offer

  • Order processing: Your orders may arrive to our Warehouse, via
    the phone, fax, mail, e-mail or a web site.

  • In the case of mail and faxes: we key the orders into our
    fulfillment system upon their arrival. E-mail and Web orders are
    imported automatically into our system or provided by our clients
    and are shipped within hours of receiving the order

  • Pick, Pack and Ship Orders: Orders are fulfilled quickly. In fact,
    in the case of web orders, the order is typically picked and packed
    shortly after being placed

  • Inventory: You are sent an inventory update processed daily or
    weekly, whichever fits your needs

  • Shipping: No matter how your product is packaged and ordered,
    We have a solution for your needs. We have experience shipping
    to major retailers, catalogs,  as well as individuals across the

  • Confirmation: Immediately upon shipping, your orders you can
    receive a report / e-mail confirming that the orders have been
    fulfilled. We include the carrier information and the tracking
    number, which is hot-linked to the carrier's web site

  • Vendor Compliance: Avoiding Charge backs (financial penalties
    for non-compliance) is crucial to a company's financial success.   
    The Warehouse  will ensure your customers are happy and that
    your company is in full compliance with their requirements
"We can make anything happen"
Every business has different needs and we are here to
analyse                               and adapt to your specifications.