Excelling in customer service is the key to both our success
    and yours.  This enhances your reputation as a company that
    has fast, professional shipping, and increases your bottom
Oz Fulfillment
"We can make anything happen"
    We will take care of the shipping side of your business so you
    can concentrate on getting new business and promoting your
                           Your Success is our Goal!

  • We customize your needs with our services, unlike our competitors;
    we are flexible with our customers because we know your needs

  • We are flexible and prepared to set up programs, reports and
    anything to help us accomplish a common goal in meeting your
    individual needs

  • We are centrally Located in Dallas, Texas

  • We are unrivaled when it comes to commitment of services and our
    dedication to keep clients and your customers smiling

  • We offer real time order processing, pick and pack, inventory
    control and all done your  way

  • Consider us your partner "Your Goal is Our Priority"
Contact Information:

Phone: 972-247-9955
Fax:  972-247-9959
Email:  Sara@ozfulfillment.com