We started OZ Fulfillment in January 2000.  We opened our doors  
    with 4500 square feet, and in three years we expanded into over
    10,000 square feet.  As we grew we never lost site of our most valued
    business asset and that is our clients.

    What else sets Oz Fulfillment  apart in our industry? Our unrivaled
    commitment to service and our dedication to keeping clients and
    their customers smiling. We offer all the fulfillment services you’d
    expect – real-time order processing, pick and pack, E-commerce,
    inventory control and plenty more. Of course, lots of companies offer
    fulfillment services. We go a bit further. Consider us your business
    partners. Your success is our goal, and as our loyal clients will attest, we

    Out-sourcing your logistics provides your company an opportunity to
    return to what it does best with the added benefits of reduced
    overhead and a fixed shipping / logistics cost, allowing for accurate
    forecasting and pricing of your goods.

    The fulfillment process begins when your goods hit our dock. We
    document and verify everything that enters our fulfillment facility.
    Why? Because we want to make sure you get what you paid for!
    Once your inventory is received, it is stored in a specific location  and
    tagged for your business.

    Your products are stored in our centrally located fulfillment center in
    North Texas. Did you know that North Texas is considered one of
    the best places in the country for fulfillment centers? Due to its
    central location and reliable work force, The DFW area has become a
    smart choice for all types of fulfillment operations.

    Some of Our Clients Include:

    Whataburger – we have their employee and retail company stores
    Nature’s Unique – wholesale, retail and E-commerce orders
    Lennox Industries – tradeshow materials
    PRCA – wearables -wholesale and retail orders
    T.USA – wearables - wholesale and retail orders
    Dancetime Publications - DVD’s wholesale and retail orders
    Music by Marcey – CD’s and DVD’s wholesale and retail orders
    A Bling and A Prayer – Books wholesale and retail orders
    Hello Gorgeous – skin care wholesale and retail orders
    Resource One – Collateral materials
    Nationstar Mortgage – Collateral materials
    Trophies Inc – ASI products – promotional kits and event projects
    What by When – ASI products – promotional kits and event projects
    Promo Pizazz – ASI products – promotional kits and event projects
    HSC Marketing – ASI products – promotional kits and event projects
    Black Dog Marketing – ASI products – promotional kits and event    
    Red Stapler – ASI products – promotional kits and event projects
    Sport Buddy – wearables – retail orders
    IonLoop – accessories – wholesale and retail orders
    Mrs. Bairds – company store
About Us
"We can make anything happen"